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United StatesArchitecture Glossary  [ Get Reviews?! ]  Site Reviews(0)'s Jackie Craven....
United StatesMedieval Art and Architecture, Glossary of  [ Get Reviews?! ]  Site Reviews(0)
...A wordlist prepared at the University of Pennsylvania by Jane Vadnal....
United StatesCalifornia Missions, Illustrated Glossary of Terms Relating to  [ Get Reviews?! ]  Site Reviews(0)
...The California Mission Studies Assn.'s list of terms related to the California missions with definitions and thumb-nail graphics opening to full-screen size....
United StatesBaseball Glossary  [ Get Reviews?! ]  Site Reviews(0)
...From the information community,
United StatesBaseball Glossary  [ Get Reviews?! ]  Site Reviews(0)
...From The Coaching Corner, the youth team sports resource for coaches, players & parents....
United KingdomMusic Dictionary Online  [ Get Reviews?! ]  Site Reviews(0)
...explains words and terms that might be found in musical scores, books, web sites, CD notes and concert programmes, including those from related fields including dance, multimedia art, poetry, drama, cultural philosophy (including aesthetics), music education, music history, physics, physiology and psychology of sound, music technology, notable works and important non-composer figures in music....
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